08.19.17Shelley D. Park

Dearest Claire,
I went down a weird internet rabbit hole tonight - looking up old friends and seeing what they've been up to. I was glad to have run into your website on one of these adventures and for once I persued my search a little further and poked around on your Facebook page. Forgive my impertinence and my unannounced arrival in your inbox but please accept my sincere condolences for your losses this year. I cannot imagine your pain losing your dear parents.

I think (forgive me my poor memory) I only met your Mom once and she was kind and maybe a little shy? Of course I had the pleasure of meeting your Dad many times and he was always so proud of his talented daughter and very tolerant and encouraging of a strange interloper like me.

I know there aren't words that can offer any kind of condolence in this situation - it is impossible to imagine your pain and grief. I suppose I just wanted you to know that I hold you in the highest esteem for your talent as a musician; one with an especially thoughtful, generous and accepting spirit.

Please don't feel any obligation to reply. I just wanted you to know that there is one more person in your orbit thinking of your Mom, your Dad and most especially of You.

Sincerely and with love,

Shelley D. Park

05.08.17faith martin

Good Morning -- I do the PR for Jazz in June -- and I was hoping you would please send me a bio that i can include in the Jazz in June festival program -- just a general decrtion of your band, influences, whatever you would like listed.

Thank you and look forward to meeting you in June.
Best, Faith

06.29.16Don Hackney

Hi Claire,
My wife and I saw you guys for the first time last night at Urban Johnnies.. It was just what I needed. I love smooth jazz (play a little alto sax), so I appreciate what you are doing. Never stop!
I have been an artist all my life and was hoping it would be ok if I could use you guys in one of my paintings? You can see some of my work at www.winteroaksgallery.com.
That's what my taking pictures last night was all about.
By the way, the guitarist and bass player were great also. Love the rhythm.

04.03.15Teresa Ooten

Could you please send me the cost and lenght of preformances. Thanks


Congratulations on the website Claire! Looks great - and lovely photos. Keep jazz alive in Oklahoma!!

01.21.14tara barker

Wow!!! This is great. Love the pictures.

01.21.14William Bua

Go Claire!!!


Wow!!!!! I just love the new website!!! Awesome. Awesome.....beautiful pictures too...love you!